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Organizational Climate Assessment

Organizations are increasingly committed to listening to their Employees and adjusting good human resource management practices in line with Employee requests and the organization's strategy. The results obtained through the implementation of Organizational Climate Studies allow to support the management of organizations in the measurement and evaluation of Organizational Climate, as well as in the identification of the factors that have an impact on it.

Salarys Wage

We provide a management tool for organizations that is an essential tool for retaining, attracting and motivating staff, as well as for its strategic definition, presenting the current Compensation and Benefits trends and data.

Internal Customer Evaluation

Diagnosing the level satisfaction of Internal vs. External Customers of the Organizations, providing advance information to develop an even more careful management, allowing to increase the interaction with the Customers, ensuring the adequacy of the service to the real needs areas will allow great levels of efficiency.

"At KEPT I found a team that was up to the task and that surpassed what was required. They were quick and surgical in the solutions they presented, allowing us to close several recruitment processes, before the deadlines and giving us a perfect match to what was required."

Pedro Sobral, General Manager Leya E.G., Leya Group

"...beyond all their Consultant Services, tailoring our needs and requests, the team is always available, multitask and competent – this makes all the difference in overcoming the constant challenges of human resources management."

Hugo Horta, HR Director of a Group Companies Cimangola, Sodiba and Embalvidro

"Companies are made up of people, and regarding to recruitment and selection services, I have no doubt in recommend and work with Catarina and her team."

João Seara, CMO Candando / Contidis

"Professionalism, competence, dynamics, customer service and know-how of the markets have always made the difference to achieve the best and unique results."

Marta Santos, Pie associate partner EY

"KEPT as a team that works with the heart and is always focusing on the customer’s needs. Their flexibility to understand different geographies and cultures is fundamental to our business... "

José Carlos Beato, Regional General Manager Delta Cafes

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